Q: What is this fitness series called?

"New Year ONE You"

Q: What is this series about?

New year resolutions should be focused on re-investing in yourself not re-inventing yourself. There is only ONE you, so let's focus on developing healthy habits through weekly challenges.

Q: When does the challenge start & end?

A: Starts Jan 1 to Feb 25 2023 (Time zone is the users time zone).

Q: How to qualify?

  1. Each week, participants must complete the TWO featured classes of the week. You can find these in the "New Year, ONE You" collection group every Sunday morning.

    Additionally, an email announcing the featured classes will be sent out each week.

  2. Participants have from Sunday to Saturday to complete those TWO classes. If you do, then you will receive one entry into the grand prize drawing.

  3. Participants can receive additional entries each week, as long as you complete the featured TWO classes within the time duration. A bonus class that features equipment will also be available for an additional raffle entry. (e.g. Cyclebar, Rowhouse, Stride etc.)

  4. The following Monday, participants will receive an email declaring their entry into the grand prize.

Q: Who can compete?

Any XPLUS subscriber that wants to compete each week.

Q: What if I miss one day because of any emergency or prior engagement?

- Participants can start/stop whenever they like.

- Participants have 7 days each week to complete the classes. If you skip a week, you can comeback the next week to compete, but will have missed the opportunity to compete in the previous weeks.

Q: What if I don't have the equipment needed to complete the class?

Featured classes will not include equipment. The bonus classes do include equipment but are not necessary to qualify for a raffle entry.

Q: Is/What is the grand prize?

The grand prize is a Princess Cruise for the winner and their plus one.

Q: How is the winner selected?

There will be a random drawing on March 3, 2023

Q: When will I receive my grand prize?

The winner will be contacted by March 31,2023

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