One of the cool new features in XPLUS is the ability to build your own Favorites playlist or a series of playlists to plan your workout for the week.

In this article, we'll walk you through how to create a weekly series so that you can preplan your workouts and have them cued up for the week. That way when you're ready to rock, your videos are ready to roll!

The Weekly Workout Playlist

As you know, there are a lot of different workouts (we call modalities) within the XPLUS app. The new Favorites feature allows you to mix and match and play in succession without having to filter and scroll through 1000s of classes at the time of your workout.

Plan ahead and you can build your workout for the week in a few easy steps!

1. To create a playlist you first have to go to a video and select the (+) button on the video detail page. For Mondays, I like a good full body strength workout, but they can be a little intense, so I'm going to program a quick stretch with Calvin first. This way I'm ready to go for my strength training with BFT.

[Some times I feel like I have to stretch for even their warm-up! šŸ¤£]

So I'm going to go to Calvin's stretch, click on the video to get to the video detail page and then add it to my playlist with the (+) sign.

[Select class]

[Hit the plus sign on the video detail page]

2. When you hit the (+) button, XPLUS will prompt you to create a playlist. In this first playlist creation step I find it faster to just create all my days of the week. XPLUS sorts them alphanumerically in your Favorites section so I put a number before the day of the week so that they are in a Monday through Friday order (e.g. "1 - Monday").


3. Once you have the first playlist created, then select the text for where you want to store the current class (Monday's Workout) and the checkmark will appear next to it. You can then create another list for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday etc. When your full week is created, then select "Done".

[Checkmark where to add the workout]

4. From there you can start building your weekly workout!

Here's an example:

  • 1 - Monday's Workout

    • StretchLab - 10 min 1:1 Stretch w/ Calvin

    • BFT - 50 min Cardio Summit 4

  • 2 - Tuesday's Workout

    • Y6 - 20 min Power w/ Calvin

    • Pure Barre - 20 min Intensive w/ Bailey

  • 3 - Wednesday Recovery

    • Y6 - 30 min Slow Flow

  • 4 - Thursday's Workout

    • StretchLab - 10 min Studio Group Stretch w/ Austin

    • Rumble - 30 min Boxing & Strength w/ Courtney

    • Y6 - 30 min Slow Flow w/ Annie

  • 5 - Friday Dance Party!

    • AKT - 45 min Tone w/ Mariela

5. Once you've added all your videos to their desired day of the week lists, then you can review it in your Favorites which are stored in the User Settings menu.

[User Setting where your Favorites playlists are stored

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