Q: What is this fitness challenge called?

A: 3030

Q: What is 3030 about?

A: X+ wants to help subscribers develop a healthy habit of doing at least one class a day for 30 days. In the spirit of personalization, subscribers have 4 pathway options:

1. Weight Loss: This series contains 20 of the best classes the XPO team has suggested to improve metabolic efficiency & overall weight loss through exercise.

2. Performance: This series contains 20 of the best classes we suggest that will increase core stability, overall mobility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance.

3. Recovery: This series contains 20 of the best classes we suggest that will increase blood flow, flexibility, and promote overall recovery.

4. Do any workout in the library! Subscribers can complete any workout in the XPLUS app to qualify for the grand prize.

**Subscribers can even mix & match between the collections!

Q: When does the challenge start & end?

A: Starts Sept 1 at 12:00am & ends Sept 30 at 11:59pm. (Time zone judged by users time zone, not XPO's timezone).

Q: How to qualify?

A: See below:

1. Subscribers must have an active trial and/or active membership throughout the entire length of the challenge (Sept 1-Sept 30)

2. Subscribers must stream ANY video at least once a day, starting Sept 1st and ending on Sept 30th.

3. Subscribers must COMPLETE the full video in order to count as a completed stream for the day. If a user only completed 95% or less of the video, they will not qualify.

4. Subscribers do not have to complete the suggested series videos; subscribers do not have to complete only one series video library, they can jump between series or do their favorite video/brand. Subscribers can even do one workout on mulitple days. Completely "players choice" with some guidance.

5. If a subscriber misses one day between Sept 1st and Sept 30th, they will be disqualified from the grand prize, but can still qualify for mini prizes.

6. If subscribers complete more than 1 class a day, they do not get to use that extra class workout for a missed day. It must be a minimum of ONE workout a day.

7. There is no official sign up page, subscribers automatically qualify for the grand prize as long as they are completing full workouts for the full 30 days.

Q: What if I miss one day because of any emergency or prior engagement?

A: Life happens! Subscribers can have up to 2 "make up classes" within the 30 days. This means a subscriber can double workouts to make up for up to 2 missed days. ***** But remember! A 5-min StretchLab class does qualify! Got time for a 5-minute stretch?

Q: What if I don't have the equipment needed to complete the class?

A: Subscribers can do a different video if they do not have the equipment required to complete the workout.

Q: What is the grand prize?

A: We are still working on the details but a special Lululemon prize will be in the mix!

Q: How is the winner selected?

A: After Sept 30, any subscriber that has met the qualifications stated above will be placed in a drawing. The winner will be choosen at random.

Q: When will I receive my grand prize?

A: The grand prize winner will be announced on October 5th & the winner will receive their gift card within 7 business days of the announcement (pending shipping).

Q: Is there a way to engage with others during the challenge?

A: Yes! Through the Facebook group you can ask questions, post workout progress pics, and win mini prizes throughout the challenge! XPROs & Gainful dietitians will be available to help out in any way!

Q: How do I signup for the Facebook group?

A: This is a private group, exclusive to subscribers participating in the challenge! From the XPLUS app homepage, click on the link in the PROMOTIONS FOR YOU tile to go to our FB page and request access.

Q: Do XPLUS subscribers receive a discount on Gainful products?

A: Yes! By going through the link on the XPLUS app, subscribers will be given a special exclusive offer on Gainful products. If a subscriber goes directly to Gainful's site, they will not receive the discount.

Q: How long does it take to receive my Gainful products?

A: Shipping is about 3-5 days in the continuous states from the order date.

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