"I'm a RumbleTV subscriber just trying to figure out what this new Xponential+ app is all about..."

Welcome to XPLUS!! We've been waiting a long time to say that!! But don't worry, we have LOTS of new content from AJ and Noah and the gals and we'll get you started right away. Thank you so much for your patience.

The major difference between RumbleTV and XPLUS is you now have an app in which you can download and take your Rumble classes anywhere you can stream data! PLUS, you get access to eight other major fitness brands!! Cool, right? Jab likes it...he also likes being out in our new studio in sunny Irvine, CA.

RumbleTV will only be available until 5/22/2022.

We want you to continue your Rumble workouts without interruption so let's get you transitioned to Xponential+ as soon as possible...and maybe discover some new favs!

Steps to transition from RumbleTV to Xponential+

  1. Follow this link to Log In to Xponential+

  2. Bookmark this page, you'll be back!

  3. Click on "Forgot Your Password?"

  4. Type in the email you use to sign into your Rumble account

  5. If it doesn't come right away then check your SPAM folder. If it's not there, then give it another 30 mins.

  6. From there you should be able to go back to the Log in page (you bookmarked it, right?) and start exploring Xponential+!

  7. Contact us through the little blue widget in the corner if you run into any issues! Select your topic, then select to talk to the CX Team if you want.

And very soon, we'll have Rumble gear available for purchase in the XPLUS Shop too!

(you may have received one of these, no problem if you didn't, we have the same information here)

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